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Construction Projects are complex and time consuming regardless of size. For projects to be a success it’s essential that owners must be well versed in all phases of the construction process and have the time to dedicate in order to be effectively involved in every decision

Unavailable/Uninformed Owners cannot provide adequate project management leading to costly delays and cost increases which the Owner is responsible for.

Bomi manages your project for you, avoiding delays, cost increases and frustration.

Bomi will manage and oversee every decision throughout concept to completion. This ensures the outcome and quality that’s expected in a timely delivery. We are constant communicators and problem solvers for our clients, we develop creative ways to achieve your goal while planning and forecasting for the unforeseen. With close to 15 years in the industry, you can confidently rely on BOMI.

Typical Job Cost Increases

  • Poorly defined scope of work

  • Contractors prioritizing other projects

  • Designers specifying materials that are unnecessary

  • Inefficient managing of subcontractors

  • Owners not responding to designers or contractors in a timely manner

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