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Trusted consultants that manage your projects so you can focus on what matters

Brad Minkovitz, founder of Bomi Construction Services and Boston native has served the construction industry for over 15 years. An Engineer by trade, he has managed $320 million dollars in projects spanning the eastern seaboard. As an industry expert in the public sector (Federal, State and Local agencies) he has mastered the intricacies and nuances of “juggling” the many dynamics involved in construction projects and project teams.

It is common practice in the public sector for government agencies to hire engineering or construction management firms on behalf of the project owner to provide oversight, however in the private sector this is less common.

Since this practice is not frequently used in the private sector it leads to project owners finding out the hard way that their project was beyond their basic understanding, resulting in frustration and a loss of time and money.

Throughout Brad's travels to South Florida over the past 10 years he noticed an increased need in the private sector for services such as these. A company to be the advocate for the project owner every step of the way, even before a project has started.

Bomi is a valuable addition to any size project saving you time and money on what may seem to be the simplest of projects.  Case studies have proven time and time again the value of an Owner’s rep.

3 Phases of a Construction Project

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


Bomi will work with your designers to ensure that your vision is achieved, exactly the way you envision it, in the most economical manner, while discovering alternate ways to reduce cost


Bomi will manage the project team to work in sync and properly plan the project from start to finish to achieve a realistic schedule and budget. Every member of the project team will be held accountable throughout the process

Close Out

Bomi understands this is a crucial part of the construction process. Here we ensure that the Owner is satisfied with the final product and properly protected from subcontractor and vendor lien claims

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