2 Bed - 1 Bath, Single family investor fix and flip

Projected Cost - $85,000

Revised Cost - $125,000

Projected Schedule - 12 Weeks

Revised Schedule - 28 Weeks

Project Team:

  • Owner - Investor Group

  • General Contractor 

Contractor/Project Deficiencies

  • False claims made to the Owner regarding volume of work, cost and schedule

  • Performed the work with improper permits causing a stop work order from the building department within the first week

  • Delayed project at least 16 weeks

Lessons Learned

  • The Owner needs to fully understand their project (scope, cost & schedule)

  • Improper permitting will cost the owner money.

  • Poor project management by the Owner resulted in additional costs

Had the Owners worked with Bomi

  • They would have been advised of the problems with the contractor (reluctancy to use proper permitting in compliance with city codes is a red flag). 

  • Bomi adheres to the highest ethical standard and will not take short cuts.

  • We ensure the work is performed in accordance with approved construction documents and with qualified personnel to minimize delays, eliminate added cost and deliver a quality product.