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The most common pitfall that Project Owners run into is that they believe the work has been properly delegated by paying good money to the architect, engineer and contractor (project team), and there is little need for them to be involved in the day to day process.  This is false.  As an Owner you need to manage your team or hire an Owner’s Rep to manage it for you. 

An Owners Representative is a person or group designated by the project Owner to represent them during any portion throughout the construction process with full authority to manage the project.  This may be from design through completion or specific portions of the project.  It is the Owner’s rep’s responsibility to be in sync with the Project Owner’s vision and mission and to ensure that the project team carries it out flawlessly.

owner Responsibilty Chart_flat.jpg

    Why do I need an Owner’s Rep?   

  • You may not have the construction experience or knowledge to understand everything your contractor is doing

  • You need hands on expertise to make sure the quality and workmanship provides the lasting effects that you expect. It’s one thing to finish a job, it’s another thing to provide a quality that lasts

  • Manage your project team

  • Contractors need daily oversight

  • Review scope of work, proposals and contracts

  • Ensure your project is properly permitted (insurance and resale ramifications)

  • Delays are costly and expensive

  • You need to focus on what makes you successful (you have other commitments that take up your valuable time and you need to focus on them)

  • An Owner’s rep is an investment that will ultimately save you time and money

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